Modular system of linear and angular MOVIBAR and MOVIDESK modules

The system was born to creates professional working spaces which can be permanent or temporary, external o internal. It is modular: that means based on independent modules. The linear modules are constituted by a front part with tilting shelf exhibition (customer side) and a rear zone provided with a worktop and a storage compartment below for professional equipment.


By combining linear and corner modules, an infinite range of shapes and sizes can be achieved.

Add new Elements

The bar counter can be implemented over time. Whenever the customer desires, new elements can be added to expand and improve the equipment.

Open and Close

This mechanism for opening and closing allows to reduce sizes which is helpful for moving it. By combining linear and corner modules you can get an endless range of shapes and sizes. In addition, the corner module can be closed easily.

Perfect for outdoor spaces

Anodized aluminium, stainless steel, solid surfaces and quality plexiglass materials make MOVIBAR ideal for outdoor spaces.


The modules can be equipped with IP65 certified electrical system. The RGBW lighting system can be managed with a remote control that allows you to easily control the intensity and variations of a very wide range of colors and sequences. The LED bars are easily replaceable when necessary.

The MOVIDOS system was created to create temporary or permanent professional workspaces, for outdoor as well as indoor use: it is based on independent, modular and equipable modules. Are you interested in our products?