Sanity Panels is a modular system of anti-droplet partition panels designed to divide working and recreational spaces, optimizing them in complete safety. They have an aluminum frame with different finishes to ensure robustness, transparent surfaces or customized fabric ones. The panels can be used individually by means of special support feet or connected by a quick joint systems.

There are several ideal enviroinment for them, like offices and restaurants but also in spaces dedicated to sales and work in general. With the help of the Sanity Panels, safety is guaranteed and spaces are optimized by reducing the distance required by law. It is a modular and light system so can be easily movable and quickly modifiable in dimension and shape.
With the possibility of combining panels in personalized graphics, you can give a touch of character to the environment

The Black Line has a black anodized aluminum frame with a 3 mm polycarbonate sheet. The transparent surface is applied externally to the frame to create a clean and elegant line. Magnetic pins works as joints between the panels.

The Silver Line has a silver anodized aluminum frame with a 5mm Plexiglas sheet. The transparent surface is held in place by the aluminum profile to reinforce the panel. The junction between the panels is made by a mechanical system. The feet are in stainless steel.

The Textile Line has an aluminum frame, the surface is in printed fabric fully customizable. The fabric can be on one side or both. Magnetic pins works as joints between the panels creating a continuous wall. This line is totally compatible with the Black Line.

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2000 X 500 mm. / 2000 X 1000 mm. / 2000 X 1500 mm.


1900 X 500 mm. / 1900 X 1000 mm. / 1900 X 1500 mm.


2000 X 500 mm. / 2000 X 1000 mm. / 2000 X 1500 mm.

Stainless Steel

The MOVIDOS system was created to create temporary or permanent professional workspaces, for outdoor as well as indoor use: it is based on independent, modular and equipable modules. Are you interested in our products?