Designed in collaboration with award-winning architect Simone Micheli (, Movibar Utopia retains the founding characteristics of Movibar bar counters: modular and easily moved, built with stainless materials, and as always made to be top professional! It can be customized with a wide range of equipment, machinery and systems, on a par with a fixed bar counter. It is a solid structure that is resistant to intensive work but unique in its design! The modules consist of a plexiglass service top and a lower body that can be equipped, complete with a stainless steel or plexiglass work surface. Each part is interchangeable for easy replacement when needed and for ease of cleaning. Movibar Utopia's corner modules allow you to give the counter the shape you want.

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1154 mm. (Service) / 908 mm. (Work)


1350 / 1850 mm.


750 mm.


a partire da 45 Kg.

Stainless Steel
Anodized Aluminum
Installations on Request
Electrical System 220V IP65 CEI
LED Lighting System RGBW IP65 with Remote control

Accessories on request:

Sliding closing doors / Intermediate shelf in HPL and aluminum with high capacity / Worktop cladding in stainless steel AISI 304/316

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Angular Module Utopia

In combination with the BASE LINEAR MODULE it creates the most diverse configurations, useful for creating dynamism and liveliness and achieving the ideal shape based on the space of the environment in which it is placed. The corner modules of MOVIBAR Utopia allow you to give the counter the desired shape.

Discover the combinationsDiscover the combinations How the system worksHow the system works

The MOVIDOS system was created to create temporary or permanent professional workspaces, for outdoor as well as indoor use: it is based on independent, modular and equipable modules. Are you interested in our products?